Upper Pennisula (UP) Flying

This year on our way up to Oshkosh some of us Cub Drivers got together for some flying. We met a group of 12 other Cub pilots in Cadillac Michigan. From there we explored the east side of Lake Michigan.

Our trip began with camping in Woolsey. Woolsey has a nice airport for camping under the wing with restrooms, water and great local hiking. Two miles down the road there is a small fishing town that is worth exploring.


After leaving Woolsey we camped at Cadillac airport. The local Great Lakes dealer arranged for a boat to take us across the lake to dinner at a nice little mexican restaurant on the lake.


Mackinaw island was our lunch stop the next day. It was a trip back in time. There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the island. The only way to get to the island is by boat or aircraft. A horse drawn taxi cab came up to the airport to take us to lunch. We were able to see the Grand Hotel on our way which boasts the largest outdoor patio in the world. The pictures don’t do this trip justice, and everyone that came along has vowed to come on the trip next year.



Here are some other pictures we took along the way at our many stops through the “UP”. Hopefully you can make it next year!