Ozark BackCountry Flyin

Base at world famous Gaston’s White River Resort, with their 3,200 ft. bermuda grass airstrip. There will be a number of fly-outs to backcountry airstrips, and we will be joining those groups. One fly-out location, Buffalo River Lodge, offers all day canoe and zip line tours on a limited first-come, first-served basis.http://buffaloriver.com/. More fly-outs are coming stay tuned for details.

While you’re at Gaston’s, enjoy guided trout fishing on the White River or lake fishing above Bull Scholes Dam. Besides world-class fishing, Gaston’s offers hiking, boating, as well as Gaston’s famous restaurant.

Gaston’s will also host short-field take-off and landing demonstrations, flour bombing, as well as a little friendly competition.