G-Series Improved Flaps and Ailerons

  CubCrafters’ original Carbon Cub EX advanced the legendary Cub architecture into the twenty-first century. Combining modern design methods with lightweight materials, a 180 horsepower engine and a useful load over 900 lbs., the Carbon Cub EX has been the aircraft of choice among backcountry… [read more]


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Carbon Cub EX-2

CUBCRAFTERS INTRODUCES NEW CARBON CUB EX-2 Backcountry aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters has announced an upgrade of its kit aircraft based on the popular Carbon Cub. The new Carbon Cub EX-2 improves on the company’s Carbon Cub EX, an Experimental Amateur Built (E-AB) kit that features a… [read more]

Paul Borys Finishes his Carbon Cub EX Kit

PILOT PROFILE: PAUL BORYS “Prior to the Carbon Cub EX, I had not built anything significant with my hands,” says Paul Borys, a slight accent betraying his Canadian roots. Paul works with his family in their construction business. What little building experience he had was… [read more]

Carbon Cub Kit

Overview Since the airframe is so lightweight, you have the choice of easily staying under the 1,320 pound maximum weight for the Light Sport category. (For example, with the Continental 100 HP engine installed, the empty weight is only about 845 pounds, leaving a useful… [read more]

2015 Newsletters

Winter 2015 Newsletter… [read more]

Transport Canada Recognizes Light Sport!

Transport Canada Recognizes Light Sport! Over the years at the local Flying events in the US, I have often talked to Canadians who would like to buy a Carbon Cub, but can not import it because the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category does not exist… [read more]

2014 Depreciation

Wondering how much the IRS might help you pay for it? If so, I have some information to share with you about depreciation & taxes. For those who follow it, Bonus Depreciation expired at the end of last year (2013). Over the last few years,… [read more]

New CubCrafters Panel

CUBCRAFTERS INTRODUCES NEW FLAGSHIP PANEL Executive GLASS touch Features New Garmin 10.6” Touch Display Yakima, Washington: Light aircraft designer and manufacturer CubCrafters is announcing a new top-of-the-line panel in cooperation with Garmin, which is simultaneously introducing their G3X™ Touch 10.6” touch-sensitive flight display system. CubCrafters’… [read more]