Mackinaw Island Adventure July 20-23

We are starting the 3rd annual Oshkosh migration. Our plan is to depart St Louis (1H0) at 8am on Thursday July 20, 2017. Everyone that has an airplane capable of landing in less than 2000 feet is welcome to come along with us.

This year the Texas dealer will bring their group north to meet our group in St Louis. From St Louis we will fly north to the Southern Tip of Lake Michigan. We will fly around the East side of Lake Michigan.

Some of us will be camping and others that are not into camping will be staying in some of the bed and breakfast along the way. We will make our way to Camp Cub Crafters over the weekend. We will be doing some local flying all week at Oshkosh. Hopefully you will be able to come along!

As we get closer to the flight we will have an itinerary.

General Oshkosh Info

Event Date

July 24 – July 30 2017


Oshkosh, WI


Wittman Regional Airport

Airport Identifier


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