Grand Gulch

The Strip

Lat: 36 19.216′ N Long: 113 47.167′ W

The Grand Gulch mining camp is located about 60 miles South of St George Utah. It is a great place to go in a cub or Cessna 185. The runways are uneven with several dips and quite narrow. There are free range cattle running around so be sure to do a low pass to check out their location. There are pretty strong magnetic disturbances in the area. There is a windsock and a few tie downs but you will need your own rope.


You can pretty much camp anywhere. There is a pretty nice fire pit from some rock that someone built. I would stay away from the mining camp with the chances of the Haunta virus lurking. This is a great quite place to visit and the stars are amazing. You are really in the back country in this location with the nearest town being St George.

Mining Camp

There is a great mining camp to explore. Be careful though there are open mine pits in the area and many of them go down at least 500 feet. There are some great old mining buildings, and really old equipment being reclaimed by nature.

Local Flying

The Grand Canyon is a must! We flew over it a few times. The best area to fly across is the western side as you can get lower. The sky bridge is at the South west side of the Grand Canyon. That is a pretty neat stop to walk out on a glass floored bridge over the Grand Canyon.

One of the best stops in my opinion is Grand Canyon Caverns. There is a Cavern that has the largest under ground open area in the country. They used to store nuclear weapons and other arms in the cavern back in the 60s. Now you can tour the area. They are located right on highway 66 and you can pull right up to the highway and park. Really neat experience and they have hotel, great camping, horseback riding among other tourist attractions. It is also a great place to just stop in and have lunch or a soda!