Jeff Baber and Rick Bosshardt work together on used aircraft sales. They also each own their own independent territories as new aircraft dealers for CubCrafters.

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Jeff operates Innovation Aircraft Sales, a Certified Sales Center dedicated to making the purchase of a Cub fun, exciting and rewarding. Jeff speaks your language and shares your passion for flight. Jeff enjoys sharing his passion with aviation enthusiasts and is building an “off-airport” community of fellow pilots, coordinating and participating in organized backcountry flying trips.

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Jeff’s CubCrafters Territory: Missouri, Iowa, Southern Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas



Rick owns SunCountry Cubs, a Certified Sales Center for Cubcrafters and sells used aircraft with Innovation Aircraft Sales. Rick is wholly dedicated to making the purchase of your aircraft, exciting and rewarding. Rick speaks your language and shares your passion for flight. He is passionate about backcountry aviation, and is eager to share the off-airport aviation experience with you. Rick is a dual citizen in Switzerland and the US, and with 24 years of flying experience in both the United States and Europe. Give him a call today and let the adventure begin! Ricks CubCrafters Territory is Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.

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Ricks’s CubCrafters Territory: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Southern Wyoming




Mailing Address: 8651 Hwy N 100 Suite 193, Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367
(480) 300-4401 * Fax: (480) 323-2414